Septentrion is a performance project involving psychoacoustics, dance, singing, clown work and improvisation.
Developed in 2013 by Yvan Volochine as research on the subconscious.

Septentrion performances, or actions, can be seen as physical tests as well as multi-sensorial experiences, putting the audience in heavy emotional states, from stress to delight.
Music and sounds also play an important role in the performances. All musical pieces are written or recorded by Yvan Volochine. When needed, self-made controllers, sensors and single-board micro-computers are used.
Actions can be driven by the location history and culture, but not necesarily. They are the result from an intensive work on improvisation, breathing and energy.
Actions are designed to be ephemeral and their documentation is rare.

Audience discretion is advised.



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#1 - Neo-shamanism

Performed in Europe and Australia through 2014.
  • - computer
  • - 1500W stroboscope
  • - self-designed controller
  • - ancient instruments
5 pictures by Ema Discordant

#2 - Puking knowledge

Commissioned by Cave 12 for Mos Espa festival in Geneva (CH), Oct 2015.
  • - computer
  • - throat microphone
  • - pedals
  • - self-designed controller
1 picture by Mos Espa

#3 - Violentology

Written in Mapa Teatro, Bogotá D.C. (COL) during a residency in April 2017.
  • - single-board micro-computer
  • - self-designed controller
8 pictures extracted from a video by A. Melendes



2017-02-21 Bogotá (COL) @Matik Matik
2015-10-01 Geneva (CH) @Motel Campo (with Cave12)
2014-12-06 Lyon (FR) @Ground Zero
2014-11-11 Bari (IT) @Masseria
2014-10-09 Berlin (DE) @Berghain Kantine
2014-06-14 Berlin (DE) @Marie Antoinette - $₳฿฿₳₮
2014-05-18 Berlin (DE) @Circus Charivari
2014-04-11 Sydney (AU) @Dirty Shirlow's
2014-02-21 Berlin (DE) @Naherholung Sternchen
2014-01-18 Geneva (CH) @L'Usine/Spoutnik (BM Festival)
2013-12-06 Rennes (FR) @Élaboratoire



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